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Saxony, Poland and the Czech Republic are not only good neighbours, but also strong partners on the political and economic level as well as in the field of science. The conference “Building Bridges for the Next Generations“ will strengthen these deep relations in research between our countries. As a platform for communication and cooperation between networks of the scientific world, the conference will promote interdisciplinary work in future areas such as Health, IT and Energy. By building bridges to young scientists and decision-makers, this event will help to develop excellent research from Central Europe into innovations for our society and industries of tomorrow.

Michael Kretschmer
Minister-President of the Free State of Saxony

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Saxony as a research and innovation state is highly depending on durable bridges to its neighbours. Moreover, bridges we are building or widening today, will help to pave the way towards the future for the next generation. Working together will make it much easier for us to manage the path from an innovative idea to the challenging research process and finally to a solution that supports society. I am pleased to welcome you to our conference.

Sebastian Gemkow
Saxon State Minister for Science, Culture and Tourism

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The problems facing our societies are global in nature, such as climate change. Therefore, the solutions we need to provide are also global in nature. That’s why we want to form global teams, that is, international, interdisciplinary teams. That’s why we need a conference like this: Building Bridges.

Prof. Sebastian M. Schmidt
Scientific Director of the HZDR

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As the Administrative Director of a major non-university research center, my goal is to create an optimal environment for our scientists and international guests. What administrative and infrastructural conditions are needed to enable excellent science? I look forward to exchange on this and cordially invite you to our conference „Building Bridges for the Next Generations“ in Dresden on May 16 and 17!

Dr. Diana Stiller
Administrative Director of the HZDR