Sustainable Construction: Building a Green Future

Saxony is prioritizing sustainable construction technologies, emphasizing lightweight construction. Key to this is the MERGE Research Centre at Chemnitz University of Technology, developing energy- and resource-efficient materials for mobility and aerospace. Also notable is the C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite at TU Dresden, Germany’s largest building construction research program. Alongside these, the Living Art of Building (LAB) in Lusatia aims to revolutionize construction by making it climate and resource-neutral, durable, adaptable, aesthetically pleasing, and value-generating

In Poland, the commitment to sustainable construction is integral to reaching the 2050 net-zero emissions goal. Key initiatives include the ITB EPD Program, providing standardized environmental assessments for construction products, and the Cities Partnership Initiative, which has united 30 urban centers under the National Urban Policy 2030. These efforts, supported by the Polish Green Building Council and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, showcase Poland’s strategic approach to reducing carbon emissions in the construction sector and enhancing sustainable urban planning.

The Czech Republic is focusing on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in the energy sector, which is known for high emissions. The Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030 targets transformative areas like decarbonization and circularity in construction, demonstrating a firm commitment to sustainable construction methods.

Slovenia is making strides in sustainable construction, notably through the EU-funded InnoRenew Centre of Excellence. This project is dedicated to advancing research on renewable resources for building materials, capitalizing on Slovenia’s abundant forest resources. The InnoRenew Center of Excellence collaborates with various institutions and focuses on areas such as “Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design” and wood modification processes. This collaboration is instrumental in driving innovation and sustainability in Slovenia’s construction sector.